MT10 Mining diesel underground dump truck

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The MT10 is a side-driven mining dump truck manufactured by our factory. It is powered by a diesel engine, specifically the Yuchai4105 Supercharged engine, delivering 90KW (122hp) of power. The truck is equipped with a 545 12-speed high and low-speed gearbox, DF1098D(153) rear axle, and SL450 front axle. Braking is achieved through an automatically air-cut brake system.

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Product  model MT10
Driving style Side drive
Fuel category Diesel
Engine  model Yuchai4105 Supercharged engine
Engine  power 90KW(122hp)
Gearbox  model 545(12-speed high and low speed )
Rear axle DF1098D(153)
Front axle SL450
Braking method Automatically air-cut brake
Front wheel track 2150mm
Rear wheel track 1900mm
Wheelbase 2650mm
Frame Main beam: height  200mm * width60mm *  thickness  10mm,
Bottom beam: height 80mm * width 60mm* thickness 8mm
Unloading  method Rear unloading  double su ppo rt 110*950mm
Front model 825-16wire tire
Rear model 825-16 wire tire (double  tire)
overall dimension Lenght5100mm*width2150mm*height1750mm
height of the shed 2.1m
Cargo box dimension Length3400mm*width2100mm*heght750mm
Cargo box plate thickness Bottom  10mm  side 6m m
steering system Mechanical  steering
Leaf springs Front  leaf  springs:9pieces*width70mm*thickness12mm
Rear  leaf  Springs:13pieces*width70mm*thickness15mm
cargo box volume(m³) 5
oad capacity /ton 12
Climbing ability 12°
Exhaust gas treatment method, Exhaust gas purifier


The front wheel track measures 2150mm, while the rear wheel track is 1900mm, and the wheelbase is 2650mm. The truck's frame consists of a main beam with a height of 200mm, width of 60mm, and thickness of 10mm, as well as a bottom beam with a height of 80mm, width of 60mm, and thickness of 8mm. The unloading method is rear unloading with double support measuring 110*950mm.

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The front tires are 825-16 wire tires, and the rear tires are 825-16 wire tires with a double tire configuration. The overall dimensions of the truck are: Length 5100mm, Width 2150mm, Height 1750mm, and the height of the shed is 2.1m. The cargo box dimensions are: Length 3400mm, Width 2100mm, Height 750mm. The cargo box plate thickness is 10mm at the bottom and 6mm on the sides.

The truck's steering system is mechanical steering, and it is equipped with 9 front leaf springs with a width of 70mm and thickness of 12mm, as well as 13 rear leaf springs with a width of 70mm and thickness of 15mm. The cargo box volume is 5 cubic meters, and it has a load capacity of 12 tons. The truck can handle a climbing angle of up to 12°. Additionally, it features an exhaust gas purifier for emission treatment.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. Does the vehicle meet safety standards?
Yes, our mining dump trucks meet international safety standards and have undergone a number of rigorous safety tests and certifications.

2. Can I customize the configuration?
Yes, we can customize the configuration according to customer needs to meet the needs of different work scenarios.

3. Which materials are used in body building?
We use high-strength wear-resistant materials to build our bodies, ensuring good durability in harsh working environments.

4. What are the areas covered by after-sales service?
Our extensive after-sales service coverage allows us to support and service customers around the world.

After-Sales Service

We offer a comprehensive after-sales service, including:
1. Give customers comprehensive product training and operation guidance to ensure that customers can correctly use and maintain the dump truck.
2. Provide rapid response and problem solving technical support team to ensure that customers are not troubled in the process of use.
3. Provide original spare parts and maintenance services to ensure that the vehicle can maintain good working condition at any time.
4. Regular maintenance services to extend the life of the vehicle and ensure that its performance is always maintained at its best.


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