MT15 Mining diesel underground dump truck

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The MT15 is a side-driven mining dump truck manufactured by our factory. It is a diesel-powered vehicle equipped with a Yuchai4108 Medium-Cooling Supercharged engine, providing an engine power of 118KW (160hp). The truck is equipped with a 10JS90 heavy model 10-gear gearbox, STEYR wheel reduction bridge for the rear axle, and a STEYR axle for the front. The truck operates as a rear-drive vehicle and features an automatically air-cut brake system.

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Product model MT15
Driving style Side drive
Fuel category Diesel
Engine  model Yuchai4108 Medium -cooling Supercharged engine
Engine  power 118KW(160hp)
Gea rbox mode l 10JS90 heavy model 10 gear
Rear axle STEYR wheel reduction bridge
Front axle STEYR
Driv ing type Rear drive
Braking  method automatically air-cut brake
Front wheel track 2150mm
Rear wheel track 2250mm
Wheelbase 3500mm
Frame Main beam: height 200mm * width 60mm* thickness10mm,
Bottom beam: height 80mm * width 60mm * thickness 8mm
Unloading  method Rear  unloading  double  support  130*1200mm
Front model 1000-20wire tire
Rear model 1000-20 wire tire(double tire)
Overall dimension Lenght6000mm*width2250mm*height2100mm
Height of the shed 2.4m
Cargo box dimension Length4000mm*width2200mm*heght800mm
Channel steel cargo box
Cargo box plate thickness Bottom  12mm  side  6mm
Steering system Mechanical  steering
Leaf springs Front  leaf  springs:9pieces*width75mm*thickness15mm
Rear  leaf  springs:13pieces*width90mm*thickness16mm
Cargo box volume(m³) 7.4
Climbing ability 12°
load capacity /ton 18
Exhaust gas treatment method, Exhaust gas purifier
Ground clearance 325mm


The front wheel track measures 2150mm, while the rear wheel track is 2250mm, with a wheelbase of 3500mm. Its frame consists of a main beam with a height of 200mm, width 60mm, and thickness 10mm, as well as a bottom beam with a height of 80mm, width 60mm, and thickness 8mm. The unloading method is rear unloading with double support, with dimensions of 130mm by 1200mm.

MT15 (12)
MT15 (10)

The front tires are 1000-20 wire tires, and the rear tires are 1000-20 wire tires with a double tire configuration. The overall dimensions of the truck are: Length 6000mm, Width 2250mm, Height 2100mm, and the height of the shed is 2.4m. The cargo box dimensions are: Length 4000mm, Width 2200mm, Height 800mm, and it is made of channel steel.

The cargo box plate thickness is 12mm at the bottom and 6mm on the sides. The steering system is mechanical steering, and the truck is equipped with 9 front leaf springs with a width of 75mm and thickness of 15mm, as well as 13 rear leaf springs with a width of 90mm and thickness of 16mm.

MT15 (11)
MT15 (9)

The cargo box has a volume of 7.4 cubic meters, and the truck has a climbing ability of up to 12°. It has a maximum load capacity of 18 tons and features an exhaust gas purifier for emission treatment. The ground clearance of the truck is 325mm.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. What should be noted for maintenance of the mining dump truck?
To keep your mining dump truck running smoothly and efficiently, regular maintenance is essential. It is important to follow the maintenance schedule outlined in the product manual and to regularly check critical components such as the engine, brake system, lubricants and tires. Additionally, cleaning your vehicle regularly and clearing the air intake and radiator is essential to ensure peak performance.

2. Does your company provide after-sales services for the mining dump trucks?
certainly! We offer an extensive after-sales service to resolve any issues or provide technical assistance you may require. If you encounter any problems or need support while using our products, please feel free to contact us. Our professional after-sales team is always available to respond to your inquiries in a timely manner and provide the necessary help and support you need.

3. How can I place an order for your mining dump trucks?
We appreciate your interest in our products! If you have any questions or need more information, please do not hesitate to contact us. You can find our contact information through our official website or call our customer service hotline. Our professional sales team is always ready to help you with any questions and guide you through the process of placing your order.

4. Are your mining dump trucks customizable?
Absolutely! We are more than willing to provide custom services to meet your specific needs. Whether you need different load capacities, unique configurations, or any other custom requirements, our team will do their best to meet your requirements and provide you with the most suitable solution.

After-Sales Service

We offer a comprehensive after-sales service, including:
1. We are committed to providing customers with comprehensive product training and operation guidance. Our goal is to ensure users have the knowledge and skills needed to properly operate and maintain dump trucks.
2. Our professional technical support team can promptly respond to any problems customers may encounter when using our products. We strive to provide effective problem resolution to ensure customers have a seamless experience with our products.
3. We provide genuine spare parts and professional maintenance services to keep your vehicle in top working condition throughout its lifetime. Our aim is to provide reliable and timely support so customers can always rely on their vehicles.
4. Our scheduled maintenance services are designed to extend the life of your vehicle and keep it performing at peak performance. By performing routine maintenance tasks, our goal is to maximize the life and efficiency of your vehicle, keeping it running at its best.


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