MT4 Mining diesel underground dump truck

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MT4 is a self-dumping mining truck developed independently by our company. It operates on diesel fuel and is equipped with the Xichai490 engine, providing an engine power of 46KW (equivalent to 63hp), coupled with a 528 gearbox.

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Product model   MT4
Fuel category   diesel
Engine model Xichai490
Engine power 46KW(63hp)
gearbox model 528
rear axle S1069
front axle S176
Drive mode, Rear drive
Brak in g method Wet brake
Front wheel track 1380mm
Rear   wheel track 1350mm
wheelbase 2300mm
Frame Main beam: he ig ht 120mm * w idth 60mm * th ickness 8mm,Bottom beam: height 80mm * width 60mm * thickness 6mm
Unloading method rear unloading 90*700mm double support
front model 600-14
rear model 650-16 wire tire (single tire)
overall dimension Lenght4150mm*width1380mm*height1300mm
height of the shed 1.9m
cargo box dimension Length2500mm*width1300mm*heght450mm
cargo box plate thickness Bottom 8mm side 5mm
steering system Hydraulic steering
Leaf springs Front leaf springs :7pieces*width70mm*thickness12mm
Rear leaf springs:9pieces*width70mm*thickness12mm
cargo box volume(m³) 1.3
load capacity /ton 4
Exhaust gas treatment method Exhaust gas purifier
ground clearance 180mm


This self-dumping truck adopts a rear-drive mode with S1069 rear axle and S176 front axle. The braking system uses wet brakes for effective stopping power.

With a front wheel track of 1380mm and a rear wheel track of 1350mm, along with a wheelbase of 2300mm, the vehicle ensures stability and maneuverability.

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The overall dimensions of the truck are 4150mm in length, 1380mm in width, and 1300mm in height. The cargo box measures 2500mm in length, 1300mm in width, and 450mm in height. The cargo box is constructed with an 8mm thick bottom plate and 5mm thick side plates, providing sufficient load-carrying capacity and durability.

MT4 features a hydraulic steering system, ensuring flexible handling. The suspension system consists of 7 pieces of 70mm wide and 12mm thick front leaf springs and 9 pieces of 70mm wide and 12mm thick rear leaf springs, offering a comfortable ride and effective absorption of road vibrations.

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The cargo box volume is 1.3 cubic meters, and it can carry a load of 4 tons, making it suitable for material transportation in mining areas.

In addition, the vehicle is equipped with an exhaust gas purifier to reduce emissions and minimize its environmental impact.

With a ground clearance of 180mm, MT4 can handle challenging road conditions.

Overall, MT4 is a fully functional mining truck with high load-carrying capacity and excellent handling, suitable for material transportation and related tasks in mining areas.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. Does the vehicle meet safety standards?
Yes, our mining dump trucks meet international safety standards and have undergone a number of rigorous safety tests and certifications.

2. Can I customize the configuration?
Yes, we can customize the configuration according to customer needs to meet the needs of different work scenarios.

3. Which materials are used in body building?
We use high-strength wear-resistant materials to build our bodies, ensuring good durability in harsh working environments.

4. What are the areas covered by after-sales service?
Our extensive after-sales service coverage allows us to support and service customers around the world.

After-Sales Service

We offer a comprehensive after-sales service, including:
1. Give customers comprehensive product training and operation guidance to ensure that customers can correctly use and maintain the dump truck.
2. Provide rapid response and problem solving technical support team to ensure that customers are not troubled in the process of use.
3. Provide original spare parts and maintenance services to ensure that the vehicle can maintain good working condition at any time.
4. Regular maintenance services to extend the life of the vehicle and ensure that its performance is always maintained at its best.


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