Russian Major Customer Visits Tymg Factory in Weifang, Embarking on a New Chapter of Sino-Russian Mining Machinery Cooperation

(Weifang/June 17, 2023) — More exciting news emerges in Sino-Russian mining machinery cooperation! On this special day, the TYMG Mining Machinery Factory in Weifang had the great honor of hosting a delegation of esteemed clients from Russia. The Russian representatives, traveling from afar, showed keen interest in TYMG's manufacturing capabilities and product quality, and this visit is expected to set the stage for collaborative mining ventures between China and Russia.


Welcomed warmly, the Russian delegation stepped into the TYMG factory, witnessing state-of-the-art production lines and exceptional manufacturing processes. As a leading Chinese manufacturer of mining machinery, TYMG has been committed to technological innovation and product development to meet the diverse needs of global clients. The visiting representatives were deeply impressed by TYMG's advanced equipment and efficient production procedures, expressing their belief that this was the ideal place to find a cooperative partner.

During the visit, TYMG's team of engineers engaged in extensive discussions with the Russian clients, exploring topics such as product performance, customization requirements, and technological innovations. The exchange of experiences and insights deepened mutual understanding of each other's needs and aspirations, providing a solid foundation for future cooperation.

The General Manager of TYMG expressed his gratitude during the welcoming banquet, stating, "We extend our heartfelt thanks to the Russian delegation for their visit. This marks a new beginning for Sino-Russian mining machinery collaboration and a significant opportunity for TYMG to expand into international markets. We will continue leveraging our technological advantages to deliver superior mining machinery products and services, contributing to the development of Russia's mining industry."

The Russian representatives lauded TYMG's warm reception and professional expertise, saying, "TYMG possesses rich experience and outstanding technology in the mining machinery sector. We are deeply impressed by this visit and look forward to partnering with TYMG in the future, jointly promoting the flourishing development of the mining machinery industry in both China and Russia."

With the welcoming gates of the TYMG factory wide open, both Chinese and Russian counterparts will continue to foster close cooperation. With joint efforts, it is believed that Sino-Russian mining machinery collaboration will radiate even brighter brilliance, penning a new and prosperous chapter in mining industry cooperation.

Post time: Jun-17-2023