MT25 Mining diesel underground dump truck

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The MT25 is a side-driven mining dump truck produced by our factory. It operates on diesel fuel and is equipped with a Yuchai 210 medium cooling supercharged engine, providing an engine power of 155KW (210hp). The gearbox model is 10JSD200, and the rear axle is a Double153 Drive rear axle, while the front axle is a 300T. The truck operates as a rear-drive vehicle and features an automatically air-cut brake system.

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Vehicle model number, the MT25
project Configuration and parameters remarks
engine type YC6L330-T300
Power: 243 kW (330 HP) engine speed 2200 rpm
Torsion: 1320 Newton meters, engine speed at 1500 rpm
minute. Displacement capacity: 8.4L, in-line 6-cylinder diesel engine
National III emission standard antifreeze: below zero
25 Degrees Celsius
Or national IIII emission standards are optional
clutch Clutch monolithic φ 430 clearance automatic adjustment
gear-box Model 7DS 100, single box double intermediate shaft structure form, Shaanxi Fast 7
Dbox, speed ratio to Fan Guo:
9.2/5.43/3.54/2.53/1.82/1.33/1.00 Transmission oil cooling, forced lubrication of the tooth surface
power takeoff Model QH-50B, Shaanxi Fast
rear axle The parallel rear bridge has a bearing capacity of 32 tons, dual-stage deceleration, main deceleration ratio 1.93, wheel edge speed ratio 3.478, and total deceleration ratio 6.72
turn Hydraulic power, 1 independent loop and 1 steering pump
propons Single-bridge bearing capacity: 6.5 tons
Wheels and tires Mine block pattern tire, 10.00-20 (with inner tire) 7.5V-20 steel
Wheel rims
Spare wheels in bulk
brake system Independent circulating circuit hydraulic brake system, hydraulic brake
hydraulic brake system, hydraulic brake gas
Dynamic control, parking brake valve
Independent circulating circuit hydraulic brake system, hydraulic brake
pilothouse All-steel cab, iron and zinc paint treatment
Offset cab a radiator cover oil pan anti-knock guard plate four-point machine
Secure the cab hood back


The front wheel track measures 2150mm, the medium wheel track is 2250mm, and the rear wheel track is 2280mm, with a wheelbase of 3250mm + 1300mm. The truck's frame consists of a main beam with a height of 200mm, width 60mm, and thickness 10mm. There is also 10mm steel plate reinforcement on both sides, along with a bottom beam for added strength.

MT25 (2)
MT25 (1)

The unloading method is rear unloading with double support, with dimensions of 130mm by 2000mm, and the unloading height reaches 4500mm. The front tires are 825-20 wire tires, and the rear tires are 825-20 wire tires with a double tire configuration. The overall dimensions of the truck are: Length 7200mm, Width 2280mm, Height 2070mm.

The cargo box dimensions are: Length 5500mm, Width 2100mm, Height 950mm, and it is made of channel steel. The cargo box plate thickness is 12mm at the bottom and 6mm on the sides. The steering system is mechanical steering, and the truck is equipped with 10 front leaf springs with a width of 75mm and thickness of 15mm, as well as 13 rear leaf springs with a width of 90mm and thickness of 16mm.

MT25 (21)
MT25 (20)

The cargo box has a volume of 9.2 cubic meters, and the truck has a climbing ability of up to 15°. It has a maximum load capacity of 25 tons and features an exhaust gas purifier for emission treatment. The minimum turning radius of the truck is 320mm.

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MT25 (19)
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MT25 (12)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. Does the vehicle meet safety standards?
Yes, our mining dump trucks meet international safety standards and have undergone a number of rigorous safety tests and certifications.

2. Can I customize the configuration?
Yes, we can customize the configuration according to customer needs to meet the needs of different work scenarios.

3. Which materials are used in body building?
We use high-strength wear-resistant materials to build our bodies, ensuring good durability in harsh working environments.

4. What are the areas covered by after-sales service?
Our extensive after-sales service coverage allows us to support and service customers around the world.

After-Sales Service

We offer a comprehensive after-sales service, including:
1. Give customers comprehensive product training and operation guidance to ensure that customers can correctly use and maintain the dump truck.
2. Provide rapid response and problem solving technical support team to ensure that customers are not troubled in the process of use.
3. Provide original spare parts and maintenance services to ensure that the vehicle can maintain good working condition at any time.
4. Regular maintenance services to extend the life of the vehicle and ensure that its performance is always maintained at its best.


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