CHINA TYMG ML0.4 Mini Loader

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This is our factory-produced mini loader, model ML0.4. It has a rated working capacity of 400 kg and a bucket capacity of 0.2 cubic meters. The loader is equipped with 5 pieces of 12V, 150Ah Super Power maintenance-free batteries. It features 600-12 herringbone tires.

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Product Model Unit Parameters
Rated working capacity kg 400
Bucket capacity 0.2
Number of batteries ea 5 pieces of 12V, 150Ah Super Power maintenance-free batteries
Tire Model 1 600-12 herringbone tires
Unloading height mm 1400
Lifting height mm 2160
Unloading distance mm 600
Wheelbase mm 1335
Wheelbase mm 1000
Steering Wheel Hydraulic power assist
Number of motors/power W Traveling motor 23000W
Oil pump motor 1 x 3000W
Number of controllers Model 1 3 x 604 controllers
Number of lifting cylinders Root 3
Lifting cylinder stroke mm Two side cylinders 290
Intermediate cylinder 210
Seat off the ground mm 1100
Steering wheel off the ground mm 1400
Bucket size mm 1040*650*480
Overall vehicle size mm 3260*1140*2100
Maximum turning angle D 35°±1
Maximum turning radius mm 2520
Rear axle swing range 0 7
Three items and time S 8.5
Travel speed Km/h 13Km/h
Minimum Ground Clearance mm 170
Weight of the whole machine Kg 1165


The unloading height is 1400 mm, and the lifting height is 2160 mm, with an unloading distance of 600 mm. The wheelbase is 1335 mm, and the front wheelbase is 1000 mm. The steering wheel is assisted by hydraulic power.

ML0 (3)
ML0 (1)

The loader is equipped with a traveling motor of 23000W and an oil pump motor of 1 x 3000W. The control system includes 3 x 604 controllers. There are 3 lifting cylinders with stroke lengths of 290 mm for the two side cylinders and 210 mm for the intermediate cylinder.

The seat is 1100 mm off the ground, and the steering wheel is 1400 mm off the ground. The bucket size is 1040650480 mm, and the overall vehicle size is 326011402100 mm.

The maximum turning angle is 35°±1, and the maximum turning radius is 2520 mm, with a rear axle swing range of 7°. The three working items and time take 8.5 seconds.

ML0 (16)
ML0 (13)

The travel speed of the loader is 13 km/h, and the minimum ground clearance is 170 mm. The weight of the whole machine is 1165 kg.

This ML0.4 mini loader has excellent working capacity and performance in the field of mini loaders and is suitable for various loading and handling tasks in different scenarios.

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ML0 (14)
ML0 (9)
ML0 (11)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. Does the vehicle meet safety standards?
Yes, our mining dump trucks meet international safety standards and have undergone a number of rigorous safety tests and certifications.

2. Can I customize the configuration?
Yes, we can customize the configuration according to customer needs to meet the needs of different work scenarios.

3. Which materials are used in body building?
We use high-strength wear-resistant materials to build our bodies, ensuring good durability in harsh working environments.

4. What are the areas covered by after-sales service?
Our extensive after-sales service coverage allows us to support and service customers around the world.

After-Sales Service

We offer a comprehensive after-sales service, including:
1. Give customers comprehensive product training and operation guidance to ensure that customers can correctly use and maintain the dump truck.
2. Provide rapid response and problem solving technical support team to ensure that customers are not troubled in the process of use.
3. Provide original spare parts and maintenance services to ensure that the vehicle can maintain good working condition at any time.
4. Regular maintenance services to extend the life of the vehicle and ensure that its performance is always maintained at its best.


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